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Information not readily available elsewhere on the internet:

Fast & Effective Finish Restoration, by Ray Perkins & Kirk Beasley

Baldwin Piano Acu-Just Hitch Pin Procedure

Restoration Notes on Collard & Collard #92246 by Kirk Beasley

The products we use:

Cortec Corporation - (made in USA)

Decals Unlimited - (made in USA)

Instument Covers II - (2nd generation, made in USA)

Julius Klinke - (made in Germany)

Mapes Piano String Co.- (made in USA)

Renner USA parts and tools - (made in Germany)

Sutherland Wellesfinishes - (made in USA)

Our Favorite PIano Movers (for 18 years and counting): S&S Delivery - (808) 833-1857

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